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Getting started

Novela ink is your own personal AI assistant platform to create/modify/enchance your stories.

With power of OpenAI it was possible to create a storywritter that can really fit into your needs.

With minimal effort you can quickly create PoC of stories, books, and creations. Or even entire books!

You don't need expensive graphic designers, and copywriters.

It also helps with gettings an inspiration!

And everything is tamperproof, and immutable thanks to immudb, so you can't really lose your creations.

You can even undo and redo in any point of time!

Everything in cool markdown format.

Video (click)

Novela (click)


with docker-compose recommended

git clone

docker-compose up -d

Your novela installation will run on http://localhost:80


Apache 2.0 - feel free to use

If you will become rich from that tool - remember about me :)!